Thursday, 23 June 2011

Tutorial - Bocage


My Bocage was inspired by a Iron Ivan Keith's Hedgerow post. I had trouble finding wing leading edge, and was looking for alternatives.

One day I was in the cheap terrain builders heaven (a dollar store) and saw several 6 packs of 12" long wooden dowels 3/8" thick and a bunch of 15 packs of 6" long so I grabbed 2 six packs and a 15 pack.

Wooden dowels 12" and 6" in length and 3/8" diameter
White glue (PVA glue)
Foliage (I used Scenic effects clump foliage)
Static Grass
Hot glue (optionally CA Glue).
Razor saw
Belt sander (or sanding block)
Spray paint
Paint brushes

Shorten several dowels by about 1" to 1.5" (optionally cut several dowels in to sections 1-2 inches long)
Hot glue 2 dowels together and then a shorter dowel on top of the other 2 forming a pyramid centering it on the other two. (optionally place several shorter sections on top with gaps between)

Shortened dowel centered atop other two dowels

Round ends with belt sander.
Cover dowels in white glue and sprinkle sand over the wet glue, let dry.
Spray Black or dark brown. (this hopefully seals the sand for dry brushing)
Dry brush lighter browns
Run a bead of white glue along side of bottom dowels and spread it a bit with a brush and add static grass. (Optionally don't use glue and static grass just heavily dry brush area in green) let dry.

Add Foliage with Hot glue or CA glue.
This section has had the upper dowel cut into smaller segments and glued atop the other two dowels

These 1/72 scale Americans seem quite content to use it for cover.

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