Monday, 18 July 2011

Gallery - Zulu Wars, Zulu

Since posting my N'gulu Patrol AAR I realised it has been several years since I had them out, from where they were carefully stored.

So I dug them out with the possible intention of using them soon, and noticed some figures had their weapons broken, yes broken, the plastic is that old on some of them! I dumped them all out to to see who needed their weapons replaced, with newer, hopefully less brittle weapons.

They are actual ESCI Zulu, not the re release from Italeri, Years ago I got them from Larry Brom's Amazon Store, my understanding is when he bought back the rights for "The Sword and the Flame", he had to also had to buy any remaining stock of the earlier edition, the boxed set with a bag of ESCI Zulu and a bag of ESCI British Soldiers included, and he was selling the figures for $1 a bag so I picked up 15 (I still have 7 un-used bags) of them with my 20th anniversary set.

When I painted them 10+ years ago I used the paint them, then completely cover them in white PVA glue method, and it has kept them in surprisingly good shape, except on some of them the glue is now visible (when looked at very closely) most of them though still look very good.

When I was done I decided they looked good enough for a photo op.

Many of the riflemen are conversions of other figures because the original figures look they have been issued their kit by HM quartermasters
All my Zulu laid out. Top left corner of the photo you can see my storage system zip lock Baggies

Not sure where the missing figure from this unit is, he wasn't to be found anywhere.

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  1. These still look impresive. Being South African I can relate!