Thursday, 7 April 2016

Battle of Bad Wurzach

Last Saturday Cecil and I got together to teach and play a game of Blucher, at least that was the plan.

Unfortunately the 2 players we were going to introduce to the rules, cancelled on us, but as I had put a lot of effort in to getting ready, I decided to carry on, 1 other person said they were interested, but he didn't bother showing up either.

The scenario, as originally designed was 4 200 point armies (2 per side), but as it was just the 2 of us I reduced each side to 300 points by removing a corps from each side. Cecil took the Austrians, so I got the French, and I chose to attack.

Attacker's side of the table.
Defender's side.
   The French plan was to pin the the Austrian Centre and Right while it attacked its Left. Which the Austrian countered by moving their Right forward. The French's opening shot, Heavy artillery firing on a concealed unit scored 2 hits, a bonus as it turned the target was a unit of Grenadiers. The French attack got bogged down as they attempted to reduce the Austrian infantry with skirmishing and a swirling cavalry action on the French Left, the French managed to win the cavalry action, but its cavalry was pretty well spent in spite of Ney, who was on this flank, with his rally ability as he failed every rally he attempted. The Austrians manged to cycle their units out of combat better than I could  and I broke on turn 25, 7 units lost, to the Austrians 2. Part of my inability to pull back damaged units was I thought units could not end their movement on friends, they can, they just can't end the movement phase on them, so I could have castled my front and second ranks.

I still need to work om reducing clutter on the table, or clearing it off before I take pictures.

French positions when the army morale broke.

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