Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Force on Force info Counters

Force on Force Information counters

The last couple of years I was hooked on a set of rules by Ambush Alley games called Force on Force.

I have not played them recently mainly because while they work well for modern and 'nam, they don't feel right for WW2.

I made some counter sheets for some of Force on Force eras, specifically WW2 and Modern and a Generic version.

To mount these you'll need:
A picture of your chosen counter sheet (click below, they should open a jpg file approximately 8"x10")
Cheap linoleum floor tiles with adhesive back.
Clear packing tape 2-3 inches wide.
Box cutter/carpet knife
Card or cover stock paper.

1) First go to the dollar store and buy some cheap adhesive backed floor tiles.
2) Print chosen counter sheet onto card or cover stock paper.
3) Attach counter sheet to floor tile.
4) Cut counter sheet into strips 2 or 3 counters wide (depending on how wide your clear packing tape is)
5) cover the printed side of the strips with clear packing tape (this is a cheap way of laminating the counters)
6) Cut out the individual counters, scoring the floor tile, should be sufficient for you to snap off.

Use these links (thumbnails takes you to a reduced size version)
WW2 Version 1.1
WW2 Version 1.2 An un-needed counter removed and text tidied up to facilitate legibility
Modern Version 1.1
Generic counter 1.1

WW2 version 1.1

WW2 Version 1.2
Modern version 1.1

Generic version

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