Monday, 18 February 2019

Rebels and Patriots

Rebels and Patriots by Osprey Wargames, is another use of the Lion rampant engine.

I saw these rules and liked the look of them enough to Pre-order them, figuring I could use them for Napoleonic gaming as I was not overly impressed by Chosen Men, which to me seemed a kludgy re-skin of Warhammer, but this post is not to list my issues with Chosen men

Even though I planned to use the rules for Napoleonic, I only have French in 28mm and after a quick read through I wanted to try them quickly, rather than wait until I made the investment of time and money for an opponent for my French.

I have had a bag of 1/72nd figures for the American Civil war for decades and thought I will actually get to use these things in at least one game".

I had some wooden shapes I picked up a dollar store, attached the figures to similarly to the suggested basing. i.e a mix of 3 figures to a base, 2 figures to a base and singles.

Union army, This is all union figures I had at start.

Confederate forces. I ran out of bases I have at least as many again still in the bag.

I found 2/3rds of my figures are actually rebels, or at least painted as such, so I picked up a new box of Italeri's (ESCI's reissue) Union infantry and a box of artillery.

I grabbed the usable poses from the new boxes and and got painting, Painted these guys out in 2 evenings (less than 4 hours).

Had to pick up a few more bases from my FLGS, glued these guys on then flocked them and they were ready for use.

I will do a bit more base texturing in the future but these are essentially done.

Ready for a game, Cecil and I went to the Hamilton Road Gaming Group grabbed a table and played a game, which quickly turned into two.

Was hard to get a feel for the game as both playings were uneven affairs, with each player losing with the rebels, due to inability of either player to roll higher than 6 with 2d6. The second game saw my rebels lose their officer to a long range artillery hit during turn 1 which disordered my entire force (see aforementioned bad rolling) the second game lasted 4 turns during which 3 of my units routed off the table, one a turn, and I only managed to fired twice inflicted zero casualties.

But we liked them enough, Cecil is going to get a copy of the rules, as he too had issues with Chosen men.

I will also increase my ACW armies.