Wednesday, 6 July 2011

AAR - WW2 Recon

A game I played Solo over the Canada Day Weekend, using Force on Force by "Ambush Alley Games" modified for WW2.  I made changes to the casualty penalty rules, but they need more tweaking.

 A U.S. Reconnaissance group (TQ 8, Morale 8) runs into a rearguard hastily cobbled together by German military police. The game started with all German units (TQ 8, Morale 6) hidden.

To win the German must have a unit within twelve inches of the intersection at end of turn eight.

Turn one: the American Armoured cars arrive and are engaged by the PAK 36.

The German anti tank gun forces the abandonment of one of the armoured cars, the Americans though wound two of its three crewmen.

Turn two: American infantry deploy from their half tracks and beginning a right hook.

The Americans drive the Germans in the woods from their fox holes.

Turn 3: The Americans occupy the woods and follow through with their right hook. German reinforcements arrive in the form of a Sonderkraftfahrzeug 234 variant 2 A.K.A. "Puma" armoured car, it is promptly engaged by a bazooka team and has its main gun shot away, its crew abandon it, and spend the rest of the game unsuccessfully trying to nerve themselves to re enter.
Turn 4: More Americans are drawn to the sound of the guns. The PAK 36 immobilises one of the M8s near the intersection, but loses its last crewman in return. The other M8s finally begin moving, one forward behind the stone wall near the intersection and the other (wheel damaged) to the right. Germans receive more reinforcements, a Sturmgeschütz III Ausf G, it takes a hull down position behind a stone wall.
A panzerschrek team darts forward and brews up a M8.
Turn 5: The Americans proceed to clear the woods on the right. A panzerfaust claims a half track. A trio of sherman tanks arrive, one is engaged by the StuG and is immobilized in the road, it and its compatriots return fire punching holes in the air or stone wall.
Turn 6: The StuG exchanges fire with two shermans, the third moves right, the American infantry clear the Right woods and begin filtering into the village.

Turn 7: The StuG is brewed up, by the immobilised sherman, leaving the another  sherman and M8 to service the remnants of the German troops in the village. The third sherman joins the right hook and finishes off the remainder of the Germans (or so he thought)
Sherman hooking right, gets behind the German infantry.
Turn 8: The Germans get very good first aid rolls, of the four casualties they had to check two are OK and two lightly wounded. American still have initiative and pour so much fire into their building, three shermans, two M8s and four rifle teams, they are all down game over.

The Germans we particularly unlucky with their vehicle destruction rolls, two effective hits by the StuG only immobilised the sherman twice it should have killed it or at least forced the crew to abandon it, but the American crews were exceptionally brave this day. The Puma got whacked before it could do anything other than arrive. The Germans had a MG34 team in the middle of their defense line but it got eliminated before it could fire a shot.

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