Sunday, 17 July 2011

AAR - Colonial Patrol

I was initially going to copy the AAR from my web page to here, but after about 30 minutes of cutting, pasting and uploading the pictures, I decided it would be easier to just link to it.

Sir, N'Gulu spotted!    How many of them!?   All of them sir!
 The AAR was placed on the Two Hour Wargames site before they moved  to their new server.

This was the only the second game I played using these rules, the first was an utter rout for the British, every time the British fired they missed the Zulu, which are ferocious, and ferocious units move forward, or if close enough charge when fired upon and missed, regardless of how badly they fail.

Since I posted the AAR, the following rule has been clarified.
RECEIVED A CASUALTY: Each time a unit or band takes one or more casualties, regardless of reason, they must take the Received Casualty Crisis Test.
I thought it meant when a unit took one or more casualties it checks morale once regardless of how many figures it lost, but it actually means it checks morale for every figure it loses, so if unit loses 2 figures it checks twice.

I wish this clarification had come three years ago! I might have to dust off these rules and try them again. Any way enough babbling onto the action...

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