Thursday, 10 November 2011

Gallery - Old West Injuns

Old West Injuns

All Foundry

Figure on the right was supposed to have a seperate weapon but wasn't in the Blister.

Not Foundry (real 25mm), I was given these for playing a war of 1812 game.

Gallery - Old West Small Arms

Old West Small Arms

A mix of Old Glory (Warpaint), Monday Knight Productions Bandidos and Foundry.

Monday Knight Productions

Monday Knight Productions

Old Glory

Mostly Old Glory

Old Glory

Old Glory




Foundry and Unknown

Gallery - Old West Long Arms

Old west long arms

Once again mostly (if not all) Foundry.

I was given these for playing a War of 1812 game at a convention.

Gallery - Old West Townsfolk

Old West Townsfolk

Most of my townsfolk are from Foundry.

These are NOT Foundry, If any one knows what maker made them let me know.