Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Stackable 15mm Buildings

Stackable 15mm Buildings 

It's been a while since I added any new content, I have been unmotivated the last couple of months.

I finally got some war gaming related stuff done, just not for me.

A buddy of mine picked up some 15mm buildings at the Game Chamber London's newest and best Tabletop games/miniatures store.

The buildings are from a company called 4ground, they make laser cut wood buildings in 15mm and 28mm. He asked me to build them for him.

The 15mm Parish Church took about 3 hours to build, the 15mm Stone Hotel 90 minutes and the 15mm Terrace Type 1 about 3 and a half hours.

Once built they look good, but getting to completion was a pain in the posterior, the instructions are not the best (tiny pictures and small text) some pieces are mislabeled or misidentified in the instructions and some parts of the construction are only described i.e. Glue part A to C, B to C and then part D to A then B. Some of the order of construction is also badly thought out, first build the outside walls then build the inside walls, and they are a very tight fit, careful or you'll burst the outside walls. Once I used the instructions as suggestions it went much more smoothly.

Terrace Type 1

Terrace Type 1
Terrace Type 1 in pieces

Stone Hotel

Stone Hotel other side

Stone Hotel in pieces

Parish Church, I had to adjust the construction as the internal roof support came down in an area already occupied by the door,
Parish Church other side

Parish Church in pieces

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