Monday, 6 February 2017

Better looking than an opaque cup

Inspired by a post on the Toy Soldiers for Old Gits blog here is my homage to his Dice Shako ... err shaker.

Where as TSOG made his out of PVC pipe, I went for more accessible and easier to work with components.

Cardboard Mailing tube 2 1/2" diameter 2 feet long
Black Construction paper
Red Construction paper
White Glue
1 piece of Yellow Card stock
Thick card board (for the plug)
Cereal box card

Cut a 3" section of your mailing tube. I used a table saw.

Plug one end with cardboard or a circular base if you have one that fits and hot glue it in place.

Then glue, using PVA, a piece of cardboard from a cereal box or whatever over the top of your plug.
Hold it in place while the glue dries either a heavy book or clamps.
When dries trim it flush with the sides. Then glue black construction paper on the top trimming it flush with sides, then glue more black construction paper to the side of the Shako
Cut 10mm wide strips of red construction paper.
 Glue one red strip to the top and another to the bottom of the Shako.
 Now to make the Shako plate. I found a line drawing of one in a book, scanned it and printed it onto yellow card stock.
I then made a gold wash (didn't have a brass or copper paint) and painted over the printout of the Shako plate.
Which I then cut out and filled in the some of the spots with a Sharpie (i didn't want to try and cut out them).

Glue the Shako plate on (with white glue).
Then glued 4 more red construction paper strips, over where a wearers ears would be, in a slight V-shape.