Friday, 15 March 2013

Game at Game Chamber

Game at the Game Chamber

I offered to run a game at my FLGS (the Game Chamber) March 24th starting at 12.30 PM.

The gamers at The game chamber mainly play Science Fiction and or Fantasy (in 28mm) the only "historical" rules being played are Flames of War (in 15mm).

I thought I would offer them something different, so I chose to run a game of Battlegroup Kursk A World War 2 East Front set of rules, and a different scale, 1/72nd A.K.A. 20mm

Since most of the clientele play some version of War Hammer, I chose a rules set that uses similar processes i.e. mainly D6 rolling, cover saves, IgoUgo turn sequence.

The OoBs (Order of Battle)

Soviet Union

Total Soviet Force
A Platoon of Soviet Infantry, platoon HQ section , 4 squads, a Medium Machine gun team, a 45mm Light Mortar, and an Anti Tank Rifle team,

Two extra rifles squads and a rifle scout squad

A platoon of T34/43

Company HQ and a NKVD unit

Standing in for a BA-10 armored I'll use a BA-6 Armored car

The Germans

Total German force
Company HQ

A platoon of Infantry, the Platoon HQ with a truck, three squads, a MG34 on a tripod, a 82mm mortar, and a combat medic.

A scout rifle squad
A Mark III M Panzer
A Mark IV H Panzer

A supply truck

I still need to paint a few more Germans i.e. the mortar crew and the Company C.O. and make a supply pallet for the supply truck.

Then I'll turn my attention to terrain layout.

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