Monday, 9 April 2018

New toy

I have been trying to make my self a light box to improve the pictures on the blog. I tried several of the DIYs I have seen on the inter web, but none of them worked too well.

I was in a surplus store the other day when I saw this.

I figured I would pick it up. It was only $40 and would save me a lot of effort and would be sturdier then anything I could make storable/portable.

After opening it I saw why the previous user had gotten rid of it, he had used bulbs too powerful for it and burned the reflectors.
You can see the colour it supposed to be around the hole.
 I decided to keep it, if necessary I can line the reflectors with white Bristol board or Aluminum foil.

 I did a test of it, The burned reflector doesn't seem to have a big effect and the pictures turn out a hell of a lot better than the pictures I was getting with my homemade Light box.
Homemade Lightbox
Bought Lightbox.
And it collapses for easy storage, it folds down to 16"x16" x 5"

Hopefully it will improve the pictures on the blog, unfortunately  It will highlight how bad a painter I was (I am a bit better now, I hope).

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