Saturday, 21 July 2018

What A Tanker game

What A Tanker is a new to me set of tank vs.tank combat.

   Cecil and I got together at the Hamilton Road Gaming Group to play a pair of games,

   Cecil provided the printed rules book (I have the PDF and my home printed copy, shows my ancient printer needs to be replaced soon) and the dashboards. I supplied the tanks terrain and many of the dice.

   Much of my 20mm has not been used in game in 5 or more years.

First game a pair of mark IV's versus a Sherman and a M10.

Game 2:

Pit a Pershing and Jackson, versus a Mark IVH and and a Konigstiger
The Pershing and Konigstiger go head to head.

Mark IV one shotting the Jackson (M10 proxying as)

The Mark IV going for its second kill of the game


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    1. It was, and I able to run it with just stuff I have not used in years