Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Another KGN Game

Another KGN Game

Well another solo playtest anyway. I made a lot less errors this time, I remembered to track ammo use and used the to hit modifiers.

I used the same OoB as last time but changed the terrain a little bit, to give the Germans a bit of cover, it was a completely different game.

This time the Americans while not nearly wiped out, as the Germans were last game, were well over their Morale limit of 26 (29 in fact) while the Germans were at 13 of 19.

It was also an opportunity to use my new tablecloth and try out my new (to me any way) camera (still haven't figured it out completely)

The US lost 2x M10, 1x M8 Greyhound Armoured car and 1x M4A3/76(w), Their Battle group Commander, a full squad and various men from other units.

The Germans lost the PUMA, a MMG team, and a few landsers.
Terrain layout, objective is building just to left of picture center.

German position at game end.

US position at game end.

Now I have to base and paint some more US Weapons teams and radiomen.

This game highlighted the fact, that if I want to play bigger games I'll need to buy more Bazooka armed soldiers (every U.S. squad has one) and more Panzerfaust equipped Germans, at least 2xShermans, 2xpanthers, 2xMark IVs, 2xStug IIIs, a variety of German halftracks.

Hopefully I can find some good deals at the "bring and buy" at Hotlead or from the vendors there.

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