Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Painting - German Infantry

Painting - German Infantry

My to do pile of Germans got a bit smaller today.

My recent playing of KampfGruppe Normandy brought to my attention some glaring holes in my painted figure inventory, my vehicles too. I can't do anything about my vehicle problem at the moment but I can with infantry, so I painted some Medics, Radiomen, Machine Gunners and their assistants, and since I was going to be painting anyway, I may as well add a few more figures.

I got set up and was going to start after I cousulted my painting book, in which i record what paints I use to paint what items. I spent all day Saturday and part of Sunday looking for the bloody thing, eventually giving up and starting a new one.

I painted 27 of the Plastic Soldier Company late war German infantry that I picked up last year at Hotlead, aside from dipping and basing they are finished, not sure if I want to try something different or carry on with my minwax polyshades.

Its the first time since late July I've picked up my brushes to paint Infantry (painted two M26 Pershings last month) and I was a bit rusty. That not with standing I decide to try some camouflage on helmet covers, with the exception of the medic they all have covers, but I left some in field gray, at this scale no one will notice (famous last words). I also found out that I'm running low on some colours, that'll have to find replacements for, I had forgotten that I also have to replace my Minwax Polyshades, it dried out a bit and is really thick now, unless I can thin it out with clear.

Enough blathering, on to the photos.

I am not overly impressed with these figures even though some of the figures are multi piece many of the poses are very flat, and a couple of figures have no necks, and most are just standing around, but they still look better than Plastic Soldier company's British infantry.

A close look shows why I went to the dip, it will make these figures look a whole lot better.

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