Thursday, 8 March 2012

Painting - German Infantry done

I finished my first batch of Germans by flocking their bases.

The figures are mostly based on pennies, since 2007 Canadian pennies are magnetic. Figures are attached with just white glue, when its dry I cover the penny and the base of the figure in more white glue, then cover the base in a pile of decorative sand (that I got at a dollar store) it might be crushed coral, remove from sand pile and let dry.

When dry (I usually wait til next day), Paint a wash over the sand, a very runny dark green paint (I use another cheap Dollar store item, DecoArt, Dark Forest green) that I've thinned with Windex (glass cleaner). When dry a wash of Brown ink and Windex. let it dry. Dry brush with yellow (Brand Artist Acrylic: Spun Gold, another cheap dollar store paint).

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