Friday, 20 September 2013

Yet more 28mm Soviets

Second sprue of Plastic Soldier Company's Soviet infantry in Summer uniform, done.

Half of them base coated, I also swapped out a head on the Prone LMG with one from my box of Warlord Games Soviet infantry.

The other half of them base coated, I also swapped out an arm on the Pointing guy on the far left with one from my box of Warlord Games Soviet infantry.

Finished rifle men

Finished SMGers

Another medic and two officers playing the blame game.

Light Machine-gunners.

For some armored punch I bought a Warlord Games T34/85, built it and its mostly painted, needs a bit of weathering and decals applied.

When I textured the bases for the second sprue, I figured I may as well do the next batch since I had the spackle out.

Don't worry the pinkness goes away when its completely dry

Friday, 13 September 2013

More 28mm Soviets

This time from Plastic Soldier Company.

I decided I want to build as little of my Soviet army as possible and as an added bonus the PSC stuff is less expensive and contains more figures, just less variety in poses. Some gluing of figures was required but a lot less than the Warlord Games figs.

I decided rather than do them all at once, I would do one sprue at a time (19 figures).

First I base coated them.
Base coated in Vallejo dark Yellow, I just brushed it on.

5 hours (over several evenings) later and they were done.

Sub-machine gunners

Medic and two officers

Two Light machine gun teams, one prone and one not.


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

28mm ww2 Soviets

That's right I have been working on 28mm Soviets.

I decided to build a Soviet army in 28mm because no one else I game with uses 1/72nd, so if I want to play with others and not supply both sides, I have to go up in scale. It also allows me play in several an upcoming Bolt Action tournaments.

I started with a box of Warlord Games Bolt Action Soviets infantry, I figured 40 figures for $45 was a good deal, except 15 of them are winter gear, while the other 25 are in Summer. I built the guys in summer kit (a real P.I.T.A. that was) badly, and painted them.

I wish I had done a couple of different poses for the prone figures, like spotting.

I also picked up a Warlord games T34/85 and ordered a box of Plastic Soldier Company Soviet Infantry and West Wind Productions Maxim MG team through the Game Chamber. Then I saw Woodrow's War Store was having a sale so I got a box of PSC Soviet Heavy Weapons and a box of PSC Soviet 45mm Anti tank guns, I wasn't going to get them, cause they aren't great poses, but at that price (75% off) I figured What The Hell.