Wednesday, 11 September 2013

28mm ww2 Soviets

That's right I have been working on 28mm Soviets.

I decided to build a Soviet army in 28mm because no one else I game with uses 1/72nd, so if I want to play with others and not supply both sides, I have to go up in scale. It also allows me play in several an upcoming Bolt Action tournaments.

I started with a box of Warlord Games Bolt Action Soviets infantry, I figured 40 figures for $45 was a good deal, except 15 of them are winter gear, while the other 25 are in Summer. I built the guys in summer kit (a real P.I.T.A. that was) badly, and painted them.

I wish I had done a couple of different poses for the prone figures, like spotting.

I also picked up a Warlord games T34/85 and ordered a box of Plastic Soldier Company Soviet Infantry and West Wind Productions Maxim MG team through the Game Chamber. Then I saw Woodrow's War Store was having a sale so I got a box of PSC Soviet Heavy Weapons and a box of PSC Soviet 45mm Anti tank guns, I wasn't going to get them, cause they aren't great poses, but at that price (75% off) I figured What The Hell.

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