Thursday, 23 June 2011

WIP - Mark IV H

I just finished building a box of The Plastic Soldier Company's Panzer IVs. I made all three tanks into H's even though I had the option of making them either IV D's, or IV G's.

I had the option of having the Tank Commander sticking out of the turret hatch, but I opted to have them all buttoned up, mainly to dissuade "clever" players saying "I'll shoot the commander since he's exposed" and "What do you mean he's buttoned up. I can see him right there!" and my favorite "Well why don't you have two models one that shows him buttoned up and another that shows him exposed"

Here they are in their Vallejo Middlestone base coat:
 They look like a nice match for my Revell Mark IV H's and J.
The flash realy shows where I missed with paint.
And even my lone ESCI Mark IV F2
I really need to raise the F2's barrel, unfortunately its glued.

Now all I need to do is camo them and get some 1/72 scale decals for them and a bunch of my Armourfast, and fast build Pegasus Hobbies and Italeri vehicles.

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Rich :-D
    A good start, I like the how too´s, especially the tree one.