Thursday, 23 June 2011

Tutorial - More bocage

Bocage Mark II

While I like the look of the Mark I bocage it is somewhat time consuming to apply the foliage, it takes about 20 minutes to apply foliage to a 6" section, and the clump foliage costs about $10.25 a bag and covers about 6 feet of bocage.

I decided to see if I could make some quicker and less expensively.

I kept the wooden dowels as the foundation of the construct, but replaced the clump foliage with cheap pan scrubbers and paint.

Take the pan scrubber and cut a strip about 2 to 3" inches wide and slightly shorter than the section of bocage you are foliating.

Hot glue the pan scrubber to one side of the upper dowel.

Wait for the glue to harden/cool then hot glue the foliage to the other side
Hot glue some more pan scrubber over the open ends and trim the top fold so it looks a little less straight,
Hot glue some small pieces of scrubber on to each side.
I then grabbed a dental pick and fluffed up the scrubber to give it some volume and dry brushed it a light green.

As these American infantry demonstrate it is serviceable, a Mark I Bocage to their right.
Even though they are usable as they are, I am going to flock it and see how it looks.
Tadaa! same section flocked, matches much better.

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