Monday, 31 October 2011

HGA - October 23 2011

October 23rd 2011: This month we played an American Civil War naval game. Run by Glenn, using: Sail and Steam Navies: Naval Battle System 1840 to 1880's; Under Two Flags ACW expansion

I'm not sure if it is a published Scenario, one in playtest or a home brew inspired by the actual action. My understanding is Glenn plans on running it at a con (Hotlead 2012? maybe).

We played the Battle of The Head of Passes 10 days after the 151st anniversary of the battle.

The game, initially, went very similarly to the historical battle CSS Manassas rammed the USS Richmond, did very little damage, got its stacks shot up, but did not run aground. The Union vessels also did not run away, they instead blasted the Mosquito fleet.

Richmond being rammed by CSS McRae and CSS Tuscarora's flaming rafts, USS Preble crossing the infront of CSS Ivy and CSS Calhoun just having sunk CSS Pickens

USS Vincenes anchored in the way of CSS Calhoun, CSS Manassas left edge of picture.

Confederate confusion, USS Vincennes has slipped it bow anchor as USS Preble races by firing on a pair of entangled Confederates (Calhoun and Jackson)

Victory was determined by who had the most points at game end. Points are awarded for sinking or capturing enemy ships. The Union lost the coaling ship USS Toone (5 points)
Confederate lost 1 or 2 ships and had several more badly shot up.

The victory conditions need tweaking, since the Union player starts with 25 points (Confederates out point the Union at start) is unlikely to run away, and either Richmond or Vincennes alone outguns the entire Confederate force.

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