Monday, 31 October 2011

Reminiscing Old West

Old West

The Old West was my first (and still only) foray into 28mm miniature gaming, I started it as an impulse buy at a con. I was at Hotlead (or was it MIGScon) 13 or so years ago (is Hotlead even that old) and saw some Warpaint (Old Glory) figs for $10 a bag, so I picked up one bag of lawmen and another of outlaws, made a few buildings, then started looking for rules.

I suppose like many, I started with  "The Rules with no Name" since they were free, then 'Desperado 1, 'Desperado 2' and finally 'Desperado 3' (which despite their names are almost identical, just the price changed), then I found a set I really liked, Six Gun Sound, but my players weren't too keen on them, a newer version of them is now out 'Six Gun Sound: Blaze of Glory' which I also have, but they are much more complicated that original Six Gun Sound. The more I changed rules the less I seemed to play Old West.

I have a hankerin' to revisit the Old West again and think I'll reboot my Old West Franchise with 'The Rules with no Name'. With that in mind I downloaded the new version and see they have fixed some of the problems I had with the old version, mainly Back shooting, you could not do it, so one of the players always turned his back on his opponents so they couldn't shoot at him, (what can I say, I was really lawful), that player has moved away and I am less constrained by the letter of rules (or I am more chaotic) and more open to the intent of the rule.

Here are pictures of some Games I've run over the years:

This was the first game I ever ran using The Rules with no name.

Six Gun Sound

Another game of Six Gun Sound
Cowboys versus Zombies using Chain Reaction 2

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