Thursday, 8 December 2011

AAR - ASL with Miniatures

Miniaturised Advanced Squad Leader game

I was tiding up on my computer and found these photos from the club meeting in February which was a play test for the game we (Greg and I) ran at Hotlead 2011, and since my flaky camera was working that day, I thought I should post them.

Terrain arrangement shot

another terrain arrangement shot
If I recall correctly the scenario objective was for the the Soviets to have more victory points at game end than the Germans, points were obtained for controlling buildings, ruins, hills, killing enemy units, and for the Soviets exiting vehicles off the opposite table edge (in retrospect not likely to happen).

Soviet armour and infantry moving through the woods.

Soviet armour occupying the first hill, the one on the hill top has been acquired by enemy ordnance.

Germans holding them, at the moment.

Soviets preparing to capture their first ruined building, Germans defend the second hill.

Tigers arrive, just in time to blunt the Soviet advance.

Soviets turn the German's right flank, and some T34/85's arrive to spur the Soviet advance.

A close range tank duel results in many burning vehicles and dead infantry (though some of them may also be burning)
As I recall the Germans won this game, even though they lost three of the four objectives (they kept control of the house with the stone wall), the Soviets lost a lot of vehicles and infantry.

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