Sunday, 15 January 2012

Tutorial - Roads

Making Roads

Dirt roads to be more specific.

I am currently doing WW2 east front and the Soviets don't have many paved roads.

I have seen many tutorials about making roads. Mine have to be made out of easily obtainable materials. This is my variation on the caulking on cloth type of road.

Felt (I used dark Brown)
Brown Acrylic caulking
Caulking gun
Putty knife
Light brown paint
Paint brushes

1) First cut your felt to whatever Width you want your roads to be (I went with 2.25") and as long as you want/need.
2) Pipe the caulking on to the felt and spread with the putty knife, don't completely cover the felt.
3) Wait until it is set.
4) Dry brush light brown down the middle and each side of each section.
5) Spread some very small amounts of white glue along the long edges of the road sections (maybe down the middle) and sprinkle flock or static grass (maybe both) on the glue.

I used felt squares from a dollar store, so mine all are all about 11" long, I'll have to see if I can find some longer pieces of felt probably from a fabric store.
4 pieces of felt yielded this amount of road.
 Here is what they look like after I flocked them and in use.
They work for Zululand
And the Eastern Front
Even Sengoku era Japan

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