Saturday, 28 January 2012

Gaming in London

Gaming scene in London

I maintain my local gaming group's website and the Ontario Wargamers Yahoo Group and am occasionally asked about places to find gamers in London.

So I thought I would post here about what I know of the scene.

There is the Hamilton Road Gaming Group meets every Saturday at Crouch Public Library, 550 Hamilton Road. An unstructured organization, they do a bit of everything, miniatures (any genre), role playing and even board gaming.

The Historical Gaming Association of London (Ontario), meets every 4th Sunday of the month in the community room in Police HQ, almost exclusively historical miniature wargaming, we have done some Science fiction. I'm not sure how much traffic it sees though in the 15+ years I've been maintaining the site, it has generated no new members.

There are are only two stores devoted to wargaming in London;

Games Workshop in White Oaks Mall a tiny store (a guess approximately 20' x50') with a few 3'x2' tables and a bulletin board. Exclusively GW games.

Imperial Hobbies 256 Dundas Street, carries GW and Flames of War, but has other wargaming miniature lines, board games and RPG materials. He has a website that used to announce what they play and when, but it was almost always blank. My direct knowledge is several years old, as I no longer frequent the store, ever since the owner said to me "If your too cheap to buy anything, why do you come in?"

Three Comic book stores that have some gaming, I've heard anyway. The only one I have actually seen gaming occurring at is Comic Book collector.

L.A.Moods: 350 Richmond Street.

The Comic Book Collector: 779 Dundas Street.

Worlds away:  666 Dundas Street, not sure in any gaming takes place on premises.

That is it for organised groups, for some reason Londoners don't seem to like finding new opponents, there a few gamers I know of, but they prefer to play at their homes.

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