Tuesday, 24 January 2012

WIP - Dollar Store House

WIP - Dollar Store house

I was in Dollarama, a Canadian dollar store chain, and saw these hanging on a wall.

I thought for the price ($1.25 + tax) it would be worthwhile picking a few up and seeing what I could do with them. It might be easier than scratch building.

I built one, it took less than 5 minutes, it looks compatible with my 1/72nd scale as is, and should work with 28mm as a small building. My main concern though is with 1/72nd scale so that how I intend to accessorize them.
They look pretty good for 28mm too.

My first decision was to build it as a ordinary rectangular house, as opposed to the cruciform version, not many early 20th century houses look like that especially European houses.

The first thing I did was glue the walls together and add a floor, I used an old 3 ring binder cover but foamboard would work as well, then after the glue set, cut the corners flush.
it's built correctly, the wall is upside down as the door shows
Floor added to give much need Strength.
The next thing was to make the roof removable; so I cut off the roof mounting tabs and 4 pieces of foamboard and hot glued them to the underside of the roof, I then glued cardboard (actually cereal box) over the entire roof, I lose the inscribed shingles, but was the easiest way to patch the gap.

 Having covered the shingle-like pattern etched into the wood roof I have to make it look pretty again, I cut a bunch of cereal boxes into tiny 1 cm x 1.5cm rectangles and proceeded to glue them on as shingles,it takes forever, I think i'll go back to my shingle strips for this smaller scale.

This took almost an hour to do
 Here is a complete house built for post-apocalypse games.

All I did to this one was to cover the construction tabs with white glue and paper towels, added shingles and a chimney.

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