Monday, 30 January 2012

WIP - Dollar Store House 4

WIP - Dollar Store House 4

I tried to watch the NHL all-star game on TV but it was so boring. I decided to do some more work on my Dollar Store house.

I just black washed the entire thing, I'll leave off any more work on it for a while.
As an experiment it was successful, in that I made it look much better, with very little effort, than it does straight out of the bag.
Caesars' minis for scale

The doors and windows are just something I printed out, framed in thicker cardstock and glued on. It probably took me 2 hours (in about 3 or 4 sessions) to reach this stage. A lot of that was thinking about what I wanted to do and how to do it.

It was pretty easy and now that I have finished one I could probably churn them out much quicker, especially as I would do several at a time.

I might do some more, leave them unbased and take them to a Bring and Buy, I wonder if $10 a piece is too much?

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