Tuesday, 24 January 2012

New rules

New rules

This week I received 2 new sets of rules.

One I've heard many good things about, and one I have been waiting for, for a while.

The first one is Kampfgruppe Normandy from Warhammer Historical on sale for $38 CDN. I also got their German decal sheet for $3.60 CDN.Both items were on sale, the rules 1/2 off and the decals for $3.60 CDN down from $14CDN. I was annoyed that each item cost $5.00 CDN to ship so $10 total, the rulebook weighs about 5 pounds and the decal sheet less than an ounce.

A quick glance through some of the scenarios resulted in the thought damn I got to buy a bunch more vehicles mainly oddball or stuff not easy to find in 1/72nd scale like M5A1 Stuarts of which there are 2 I know of,  both diecast but they're about $26 US each, but only need no more that 6 and other vehicles M20 Armoured cars, Wespes Hummels, Marders and other things.

Aside from that they look pretty simple, the book is about 340 pages long but only 58 are rules the rest is scenario, and army lists.

The other set of rules I picked up are from Ganesha Games called Large Battle Drums and Shakos, the PDF version is only $8 US ($8.08 CDN). I have many rules sets by GG and I like them as they are easy to play and reach a conclusion in a resonable time frame, less than 6 hours.

I've only skimmed through them and they look promising, they are designed so each side runs a single Division of several brigades, but they have rules for fighting corps and army sized battles, using most of the rules.

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