Saturday, 28 January 2012

Trumpeter Pershing

Trumpeter Pershing

There aren't many hobby stores in my hometown, which is London Ontario, Canada.

For model shops there is;
McCormick's Hobbies, where I used to buy a lot of my 1/72 scale armour and Infantry, but he hasn't gotten new stuff in a long while,
Amazing Hobbies which is an hour away and is mainly RC stuff.
AVF entertainment & Leisure which is like 50 yards from my place, but mostly RC stuff, so Imagine my shock when I went in today and saw this on the shelf.

I have been wanting to get a Pershing for a while but everywhere on line its near $20 plus shipping, I paid $9.99 + $1.30 tax, I may go back and pick up more .He also had some other Trumpeter kits for the same price, Bradleys, Abrams, German captured KV-II, STUG IIIB, even a Sturmtiger . He also had Hasegawa kits some at $13.99 (15.80 w/tax) others $18.99 ($21.50 w/tax), of course all the $21 kits are the useful ones.


more contents

even more contents

It had been so long since I bought I model kit that had these I nearly forgot what they were.

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