Monday, 13 February 2012

Gallery - M26 Pershing

Gallery - M26 Pershing

I decided why only have one when I can buy two for double the price, and I needed to buy some more glue anyway, so I picked up the second Pershing from the hobby store.

This post was originally going to be a Work In Progress post, but there ain't no more progress to be made on them. They are both built, painted, gloss coated, decaled, second gloss coated (a.k.a. the decal anti-silvering technique) and the dull-coated. Just need to weather them and add some antennas.

With out further ado I present:

My first M26 Pershing


My second M26 Pershing

You may have noticed I opted to not place the huge circled star on the glacis plate. I figured no crew would be so stupid to place a big white aiming spot on the front of their vehicle.

I managed to do both vehicles with one sheet of decals.
and.... just to show I actually have two of them. :)


  1. just wondering,are those the Pegasus Pershings??

  2. These ones are from Trumpeter. Apparently it was a joint project by Trumpeter and Pegasus hobbies the only difference aside from box art, is the Trumpeter comes with vinyl tracks and the Pegasus Hobbies version reputedly comes with hard link and lenght tracks (though I've seen comments that it too has the vinyl tracks)