Saturday, 1 August 2020

Dragon Rampant

Started working on a Fantasy army, initially will be for Dragon Rampant, but MAY expand into a Oathmark army.

You can call it a Dragon Rampant Army if it don't have a Dragon, so...

Serving it are several boxes of Fireforge Northmen.

A pair of  pairs of  Wild West Exodus K9 Dogs. ( A buddy of mine subscribes to Wargames Illustrated and his issue came with a pair of these minis, the Magazine arrived with cover torn so they sent him a complete replacement that also had another sprue of these minis, as he has no interest in Steampunk he though he was dumping them on to me).

Currently my Dragon Rampant army looks like this:

In the works in a 6 figure unit of Fireforge Northmen Cavalry (Heavy cavalry) and a 12 man unit of Conquest games  Normans with Dane axes (Bellicose foot)

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