Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Gallery 6mm Napoleonic Anglo-Portuguese Army

A blast from last century.

I painted these in the early Nineties or maybe even late Eighties.

All figures are Adler 6mm.

Uniforms are pretty basic, when I painted them I had minimal Internet (via compuserve), as I recall I had to photocopy pages from Library books.

They are based for Napoleons Battles (1st ed). All measurements were reduced to 80% of normal, due to the 6mm smaller size. The size reduction also let me play on a 6'x4' table instead of 9'x5'

British Line and Rifle units

A close up.

Side view


More Cavalry

Side view
Portuguese Infantry and Cavalry

Side view

Cavalry close up
Light and Horse artillery units

Heavy foot batteries

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