Friday, 30 August 2013

Catching up again

Catching up with recent doings

I've been busy doing War gaming related things, just lackadaisical with keeping the blog up to date on those doings.

I am going to be running a Napoleonic game for my local group in September so I thought I should do some work on them, I've not used them in quite a while.

First thing I decided on was getting some resin buildings, to replace the paper ones I used, A quick check of E-bay and I found a dozen, at a price I could stomach. here they are, partially painted, some of the buildings are comically small, but I'll use them anyway.

Then I decided its time to re-base my infantry, I have been meaning to do it for years. The rules systems I've been using lately, the numbers of figures on the base is irrelevant, only number of bases matter, and I think they would look better 3 to a base instead of 4 and as bonus it would make my armies bigger. The original bases were number 27 illustration board that I cut in to roughly 15x20 cm rectangles, I decided to get some wooden laser cut bases. I looked at Litko, saw their prices and looked elsewhere, I came across a company called and they also had something called dice frames that I had heard of but hadn't been able to find and they also sell bases. I ordered from them. I got more bases then I would have from Litko for 2/3 the price, the downside their bases are 2mm MDF vs. Likto's 3mm plywood.

Dice frames, mounted onto 25mm circular bases with one of the red dice I ordered.

Bases come in 30 -20 bases per bag and each bag costs an English pound, roughly $1.50 Canadian.
The order also came with these, they were full until I based some French and Anglo-Portugues

French Infantry
French Command stands

Anglo-Portuguese infantry,with some British Rifles (skirmishers) in front

British Command Stands

Doh! this is what happens when you re-base several hundred figures in one go.
After I had enough of working on the 6mm buildings I needed a change.

I decided I would do WW2 in a new scale, because the new game here is Bolt Action, and everyone has 28mm armies. Also those who don't play BA use 28mm, I think Greg and I are the only people in town that do WW2 in 1/72nd scale.

20 Heroes of the motherland

Plus 5 not so heroic soldiers.

Now that those figures are painted, its time to get back to preparing for my 6mm game.

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