Sunday, 30 June 2013

Gallery 6mm Napoleonic Officers

I use the officers as required, so they are nationality neutral (as much as possible)

Adler are the manufacturer.

3 figure base for C-in-C, 2 figure base for Corps, Column or Wing commanders

Divisional officers

Gallery 6mm French

Here is my French army, mostly painted at the same time as my British.

Adler is the manufacturer.

I now know that that the gun carriages should not be brown.

All my French infantry.

Line Infantry

Light infantry

Old Guard units

French Foreign units

Dutch and Polish.

Light and Horse artillery units, painted at different times as the unifiorm colour shows.

Mostly heavy foot batteries

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

WIP: Painting 6mm Austrian Infantry

For something different (for the last several years I have been running a lot of WW2 games). I plan on running a Napoleonic game in August for the HGA.

Instead of  French vs. Anglo-Portuguese in the Peninsula, I am going to run an Austrian vs. French Battle, I am thinking of the 1809 Battle of Sacile, or something hypothetical.

To get my interest piqued I decide to paint up some more Austrian infantry and probably some  cavalry.

All I have done in the following pictures; is prime the figures in white, painted the bases green and blue-tacked the figure strips to water bottle lids

Gallery 6mm Napoleonic Anglo-Portuguese Army

A blast from last century.

I painted these in the early Nineties or maybe even late Eighties.

All figures are Adler 6mm.

Uniforms are pretty basic, when I painted them I had minimal Internet (via compuserve), as I recall I had to photocopy pages from Library books.

They are based for Napoleons Battles (1st ed). All measurements were reduced to 80% of normal, due to the 6mm smaller size. The size reduction also let me play on a 6'x4' table instead of 9'x5'

British Line and Rifle units

A close up.

Side view


More Cavalry

Side view
Portuguese Infantry and Cavalry

Side view

Cavalry close up
Light and Horse artillery units

Heavy foot batteries