Monday, 8 August 2011

AAR - Adowa the Center Brigades

   As noted in previous postings its been a few (7+) years since I GMed or even played a colonial game, I decided to re familiarize myself with "The Sword and the Flame" in preparation of running a few games.

  I suck at scenario design (I can create and eventually balance one, after a few  playtests, but off the cuff they are usually quite unbalanced), but fortunately I have some of Mark Fastoso's Colonial Campaigns books, so I decided to play one from the Ethiopian book, "Adowa the Center Brigades".

For those unfamiliar with the scenario the Italo-Eritrean force have to accrue more Victory points than the Abyssinian. Victory points are earned at the end of each turn by solely occupying the 3 of the 4 hills.
Eritrean askari set up
Abyssinian slowly advance towards the Eritreans.
The Abyssinians were plagued by low movement dice, it took them four turns to reach the first 2 victory hills, by then the Italians had accumulated 7 VPs.
Abyssinian Snyder-yaji (riflemen) driving askari from the first Victory point hill.

Cavalry rush forward to prevent the Italians from garnering more VP from this hill.
At this point it looked like it as going well for the Abyssinian, they should be able to clear the hills in 1 or 2 turns and start gathering VPs, but more low movement rolls, abysmal shooting and cowardice meant the Askari held on for another 5 turns and while they held the Italians to only 1 VP a turn, after 8 turns the count was 10 to 0.
Turn nine, Askari tenaciously still cling to one of the victory hills...
and threatening another victory hill, if they get first move back up they'll go.
At this point I called the game, even if the Abyssinians cleared and held both hills, they would not be able to accrue enough points to overcome the Italian's lead, and they were nowhere near the third hill.
Italians holding the third hill, they were engaged in fire fight with some Neftenya (rifle musket armed) Abyssinian warriors, but reduced them to two figures which failed their Critical Morale check.
The rest of the Italian force behind the second victory hill supporting the askari.

 There are additional pictures located at my Picassa Album .

   For those that are curious about the figures used.
The Abysinianss are all from HAT miniatures Alexander's Light Infantry,  Hannibal's Carthaginians - African Infantry, the cavalry are Napoleonic French Mamelukes. 

The Italians are ESCI's Zulu wars British infantry, the Machine gunner is from a Revell WWI German infantry set with a head swap, the Eritrean askari are ESCI's Napoleonic French infantry modified (shakos carved into fez and turn backs carved away).

Last picture of Italian General Albertoni (mounted, back to camera, left side).

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