Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Gallery - Generic Colonial Natives

When I was last into colonial wargaming there wasn't a lot of selection in my preferred scale (1/72), I had to make do with what I could get my hands on.

It was easy for the Europeans as ESCI Zulu wars British infantry would work for most Europeans armies. I used them as Italians in my Ethiopian games, the gunners are from a Napoleonic artillery set with head swaps, the artillery is from a Crimean War set, the Machine gun is from a Revell WWI German infantry set with a head swap.

These were all painted years ago and  if (when) I repaint them they will hopefullly look a whole lot better. Considering how I stored (Ziplock baggies scrunched into a big plastic bag) them they look to mostly be in still good shape.

ESCI's Zulu War Brish Infantry

The askari required a bit more work they all started off as ESCI French Napoleonic Infantry. Some Knife work to reshape the shako into Fez like hats and cutting away the turn backs on their tunics.
Were originally going to stand in for Egyptians
My attempt at Sudanese askari
These are HAT ACW Zouves standing in for some Native bigshots Household troops

The natives were harder and easier to deal with, mainly they would require spears, swords or rifle, so quick search on PSR revealed some useful sets, HAT miniatures: Alexander's Light Infantry,  Hannibal's Carthaginians - African Infantry and ESCI's Arab warriors.
HAT minatures, with a bit more work these would have looked much better.
ESCI arab warriors
ESCI's Arab warriors

ESCI arab warriors
ESCI's Arab warriors, this pose not too useful as a generic native though.
 Native armies usuallyhave mounted elements so I had to find some, I made due with more from HAT, Napoleonic Mameluks and Numidian Cavalry.
Numidian Cavalry

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