Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Gallery - WW2 American Infantry

WW2 American Infantry

My U.S. infantry is from a variety of figure manufacturers, ESCI's U.S. Soldiers Big Red One set, IMEX's Korean War U.S. Army set and Caesar miniatures U.S. Army set I.

70 U.S. Riflemen
26 U.S. sub machine gunners
U.S Support weapons 4 bazookas, 2 loaders for bazookas, 1 HMG, 1 LMG, 12 B.A.R. gunners,and  1 60mm mortar team
   I like the Caesar figures, but am slightly annoyed that almost half of the figures are usually armed with SMGs, I would have preferred more riflemen. The IMEX Korean war figures fit nicely though if you look really closely you can see their uniform trousers have a huge thigh pocket, but almost invisible at arms length.

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