Monday, 8 February 2016

Big Trees

   The trees I have are fine for my 20mm figures but are a bit small for my 28mm, so I decided to see if I could make some.

   A couple of years my local games store was in need of some sturdier tree, they had the "Lichen plopped on a twig" type. So I whipped up a few and presented them to the store.

Here are a couple of pictures of them in use:

In a game of Bolt Action

In a game of War Machine
They look OK and are sturdy as hell, but are not the best looking trees I have ever seen.

So as a test piece I made another armature.

Cut some blobs of Heavy duty scouring pads:

Stuck them onto the armature:

Tested it next to a 28mm figure:

Went to cover it in clump foliage, only to find out I didn't have too much left, asked my Friendly Local Gaming Store to order me some, only to find out none of his distributors carry any, so I went to woodland scenics to order some, $20 for the big bag plus $36 for shipping so $56 U.S. Screw that! I thought. I'll make my own.

I may have over done it though:
Each of these bags contains roughly the same amount that is in the small bag of woodland scenics clump foliage, this cost me less than $20 CDN to make.

Now I have to add the clump foliage to the tree.

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