Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Random terrain building

Lately I have been in the mood to build terrain.

This weekend I made some smaller hills for my 6mm stuff.

These hills are for Blucher, I needed some that were between 2-3 Base Width for small hills. Nothing special about these hill. I made them from 1/2 thick anti-fatigue mats, that I picked up at Walmart.  I tried a new (well new to me) way to attach the flock. Normally I spread PVA and dump flocking on it while its still wet, but I was low on PVA and too lazy to go get some, so I tried acrylic caulking, I had laying around. It worked better than I hoped it hides the pattern very well, you cant tell the one that has has the pattern on the top, can you?

I also made some area terrain as a trial. This came about as a result of a discussion I saw on the facebook group The Terrain Tutor's Terrainiacs. A series of posts called Adventures/Experiments in Mastic, wherein he is making gaming matts out of mastic (acrylic caulking) and mesh joint tape. I suggested that instead of the the joint tape that landscaping fabric would be a viable alternative.

I cut two pieces of Landscaping fabric into roughly 6" squares, pumped some caulking on to them spread it out threw some small scraps of clump foliage then some flock, pressed it in slightly by covering it in Wax paper and pressing down on it, let it dry. I then sealed it with watered down PVA.

When it was dry the edges curled up a bit, but the covering stays on even when I roll it up.

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