Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Concealing units

When I used concealed units in Blucher I made blank bases with a coloured middle which contained a number. The unit it represents is on a separate table with a numbered chit next to it. The system worked, but required that I have an additional table or a place to set the concealed units on, and you had to walk back and forth to check what base was what unit.

In the top right corner you can see my reserves precariously perched on a chair.
I had an idea, not a brilliant one, but one I could bring to fruition easily and relatively quickly.  Here is what I thought up.
What are those units?

Its a corps of Austrians!
No more needing 2 extra tables/chairs (1 for each side) and no more having to walk back and forth to see what is what, the owner can just tilt the box up to peer beneath, you can even tuck the label under the base if you want to hide it from peeking opponents. It also has 2 additional benefits, one it holds the figures into my carrying cases better and allows me to put double layer of figures in said cases.

To see how to make them go here.


  1. Hahahahaa... that is just awesome! I never thought of doing that. To be honest, it would be really easy to do with my 10mm as well Great stuff Rich.


  2. Hi I asked about the boxes in your last July post then after searching found this. Brilliant idea.