Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Painted in January

Painted in January

This is what I managed to get painted in January.

Not sure what these are. A buddy of mine got them with his one of his wargame magazines, they taped it to the front cover, so it arrived torn so they sent him replacement copy.
Test of Honor Smuarai

More Test of Honor Smuarai

WisKids PrePrimed minis. Thought they might work for 28 mm

The Stag is not too bad, but the Oxen are overscaled.

Perry miniatures Mounted Crusaders (28mm)

Forces of valor Panzer IIIn (1/72)

Plastic Soldier Company SU 76 (1/72)
The plan for February was to build and paint a box of Victrix miniatures Napoleonic French infantry , but the arrival of Osprey's Rebels & Patriots has changed that as I have some partially painted and/or badly painted 1/72 ACW figures.

Total amount of figures/vehicles painted for 2019.
Vehicles: 4
Figures: 22

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