Thursday, 8 December 2011

AAR - ASL with Miniatures

Miniaturised Advanced Squad Leader game

I was tiding up on my computer and found these photos from the club meeting in February which was a play test for the game we (Greg and I) ran at Hotlead 2011, and since my flaky camera was working that day, I thought I should post them.

Terrain arrangement shot

another terrain arrangement shot
If I recall correctly the scenario objective was for the the Soviets to have more victory points at game end than the Germans, points were obtained for controlling buildings, ruins, hills, killing enemy units, and for the Soviets exiting vehicles off the opposite table edge (in retrospect not likely to happen).

Soviet armour and infantry moving through the woods.

Soviet armour occupying the first hill, the one on the hill top has been acquired by enemy ordnance.

Germans holding them, at the moment.

Soviets preparing to capture their first ruined building, Germans defend the second hill.

Tigers arrive, just in time to blunt the Soviet advance.

Soviets turn the German's right flank, and some T34/85's arrive to spur the Soviet advance.

A close range tank duel results in many burning vehicles and dead infantry (though some of them may also be burning)
As I recall the Germans won this game, even though they lost three of the four objectives (they kept control of the house with the stone wall), the Soviets lost a lot of vehicles and infantry.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Gallery - Old West Injuns

Old West Injuns

All Foundry

Figure on the right was supposed to have a seperate weapon but wasn't in the Blister.

Not Foundry (real 25mm), I was given these for playing a war of 1812 game.

Gallery - Old West Small Arms

Old West Small Arms

A mix of Old Glory (Warpaint), Monday Knight Productions Bandidos and Foundry.

Monday Knight Productions

Monday Knight Productions

Old Glory

Mostly Old Glory

Old Glory

Old Glory




Foundry and Unknown

Gallery - Old West Long Arms

Old west long arms

Once again mostly (if not all) Foundry.

I was given these for playing a War of 1812 game at a convention.

Gallery - Old West Townsfolk

Old West Townsfolk

Most of my townsfolk are from Foundry.

These are NOT Foundry, If any one knows what maker made them let me know.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Tutorial - Old West Buildings

Old West Buildings

Being lazy when I started my Old West Collection I looked around for 28mm buildings. I was frustrated in my quest to find suitable (i.e. inexpensive) buildings, so my greater personality trait overrode my laziness (frugality, although other have a less kind description).

So I decided I would DIY some, I started off making some Major General Tremorden Reddering inspired foam board buildings.

I started off thus:

Not entirely satisfied (big foot print, small interiors due to foam board thickness) I moved on to:

Popsicle (a.k.a. craft) sticks, since they are easily found and quiet cheap, the buildings are quite sturdy and look OK. 
It is difficult to place the doors and especially the windows at the proper heights, might be easier with wooden coffee stir sticks.

I then had the idea of putting new siding on the buildings I made out of Popsicle sticks. I got some Bristol (art?) board from the corner store and cut out the doors and windows, lightly scoring the side that would be the exterior to look like planks or siding, I had to make some of the holes for the windows larger, so I could get a more proper look. I then glued the new exterior onto the Popsicle stick buildings, paint, and voila!. I looked upon it and it was much better.
The same building as in the previous picture but with new siding
So I decided to see if I could make them easier, now I get a single piece of Bristol (art?) board, draw all four sides of the building plus a gluing tab (so you can glue it), then position and cut out the windows and doors, score the outside to simulate planking, cut Popsicle sticks (I use a little saw that came in an knock-off Xacto knife set) set and glue them on the inside, at the corners, along the tops and bottoms of each side, leaving gaps for the doors and around the edges of the doors and windows.
Outside of Orr's Hotel

Interior of Orr's Hotel with Popsicle stick bracing, just needs some more around the windows, the doors are in place. Also shows what happens to a good table if you don't use a cutting mat.
Base, paint and add details like window frames, posters signs, et al. The stairs were made separately and added after construction. I don't detail the inside of my buildings, but if I did I would add an interior of Bristol (art?) Board to which I would add printed interiors.

Doors: I first started off making hinges, similar to what I saw on Gisby's door page but mine looked quite ugly and far too much work, then I went out and tried to find small hinges, like for a jewelry boxes or doll houses, but they are difficult to find and if you can find some, they ain't cheap! Now I glue a piece of Bristol (Art) board on one side behind the door opening 

Window and/or door Frames: I originally made made my frames out of matchsticks, I then tried printed card stock but I think Balsa or basswood strips are going to be better.  

Roofs: Probably because I have seen too many Westerns and I like to put figures on my roofs, most of my buildings have slightly sloped tar papered roofs (use black construction paper), But when I make peaked roofs, I first make the building then I make the roof. Because no matter how carefully I measure, the front and back peaks are almost always slightly off.  Get a piece of thick Corrugated cardboard cut it to the length of your gables (plus 1/2" each side for overhangs) then score it in the middle cutting almost all the way through, then cover up all the exposed corrugations with masking tape, add shingles and paint. 

Shingles I used to take strips of Bristol (art) board or breakfast cereal box cardboard the length of your roof + 1/2" and about 1/2" to 3/4" wide, then cut almost all the way though about every 3/8" to 1/2" glue the first strip along the bottom and work to the peak offsetting the next strip so that each the joining of two side by side "shingles" is in the middle-ish of the one above it. If your not careful your shingle strips are in a slight downward arc the longer the strip the more pronounced the arc is. Now I make individual shingles, it takes a lot longer to make and install but the extra time is worth it.
Roof section with shingle strips, i also shortened some of the shingles to increase variety

Reminiscing Old West

Old West

The Old West was my first (and still only) foray into 28mm miniature gaming, I started it as an impulse buy at a con. I was at Hotlead (or was it MIGScon) 13 or so years ago (is Hotlead even that old) and saw some Warpaint (Old Glory) figs for $10 a bag, so I picked up one bag of lawmen and another of outlaws, made a few buildings, then started looking for rules.

I suppose like many, I started with  "The Rules with no Name" since they were free, then 'Desperado 1, 'Desperado 2' and finally 'Desperado 3' (which despite their names are almost identical, just the price changed), then I found a set I really liked, Six Gun Sound, but my players weren't too keen on them, a newer version of them is now out 'Six Gun Sound: Blaze of Glory' which I also have, but they are much more complicated that original Six Gun Sound. The more I changed rules the less I seemed to play Old West.

I have a hankerin' to revisit the Old West again and think I'll reboot my Old West Franchise with 'The Rules with no Name'. With that in mind I downloaded the new version and see they have fixed some of the problems I had with the old version, mainly Back shooting, you could not do it, so one of the players always turned his back on his opponents so they couldn't shoot at him, (what can I say, I was really lawful), that player has moved away and I am less constrained by the letter of rules (or I am more chaotic) and more open to the intent of the rule.

Here are pictures of some Games I've run over the years:

This was the first game I ever ran using The Rules with no name.

Six Gun Sound

Another game of Six Gun Sound
Cowboys versus Zombies using Chain Reaction 2