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6mm Napoleonic French

6mm Napoleonic French

Since I started playing Blucher, I have been giving a lot of attention to my 6mm Napoleonic collection, which have been under used, as I had trouble finding a rules set that gave a good feel for a Napoleonic battle, Blucher does!. As C-in-C I would not not give an order for that Brigade to attack in Line and those 2 to attack in Columns, Instead he would order their division to attack and the divisional and/or brigade officers would do their best.

This blog entry will showcase the French. I decided to post photos of them, even though many of them were painted 20+ years ago, when I was, at best, an average painter, with limited resources as to uniforms (hence the wrong artillery uniform). Many years of use have not been kind to many a musket, as ham-fisted players grab them by the front and back of the base or in some cases the front and back of the figures!

All the French infantry are Adler Miniatures.

All the French infantry and Artillery

Close up

close up

close up

Close up of the Imperial Guard and C-in-C in the back
The Infantry figures are 3 per base which is 20mm wide x 15mm deep and 6 make up a unit. Artillery is 1 gun 4 crew on a 20mm Square base, 2 bases make up a unit. Cavalry are 4 figures per base which is 40mm wide 20mm and 2 bases make a unit. The bases are 2mm thick MDF to the bottom of which I apply 1mm thick magnetic photo paper.

Speaking of cavalry:

All the cavalry I use, I have as much again, but lack command (i.e. flag bearers). Originally my cavalry units were 16-20 figures.


Fictional heavy cavalry unit



Transporting the figures is quite easy.

As long as I don't need more than 16 infantry, 8 cavalry and 4 artillery units (enough figures for a 300 point Blucher army) I can just put the figures in hubless or postless VHS clam shell cases. Since my bases are magnetic and I didn't want them sliding round in the cases, I went to home hardware and picked piece of sheet metal up, it was for clothes dryer venting pipe cut it to fit in the case and taped it down with double sided sticky tape.

 These 3 are the only ones I have, they are impossible to find nowadays. Well not impossible I did find a supplier that was selling 50 for $30, but the $140 for shipping was (to my thinking) a deal breaker.

I checked Ebay, thrift stores, garage/yard sales and nothing, plenty selling VCR movies, but all of them are in the cardboard sleeves. Someone even suggest I try mantic games as their "Kings of War" figures come in VHS cases, but I couldn't find them on their website.

If anyone knows of a source please leave a comment.

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