Sunday, 25 March 2018

28mm Frenchmen

With my purchase of a box of Perry miniatures French Line Infantry. I thought I should get some paint on them.

I will use them for "Chosen Men" from Osprey Games, or any other skirmish set, I want to try out.

In chosen Men, units are multiple of 5 figures for Light Infantry or Cavalry and Line Infantry are In multiples of 10 men.

I also ordered a box of Perry Dragoons, but they aren't here yet.

I had some free time last week so I painted a Line Infantry group of 10 figures. They wont win any awards, but (I think) are a solid war game standard.

Their pants aren't quiet as Grey as they appear in this picture, and the bases won't be finished until I can do them all at the same time
The last 28mm figures I painted were some WW2 Soviets, these guys are a little more colourful and the last French infantry I painted are a slightly smaller scale.