Friday, 18 December 2015

6mm Austrian Gallery

6mm Austrian Gallery

Following up on my previous post, here is my Austrian Army.

Almost all the figures are Adler, except for 4 units of Landwehr, which are Baccus.

Landwehr are the 4 back units in the column farther to the right

 Cavalry units, 1 of Kuirassiers, 1 of Chevaux-leger and 3 of Hussar.

Not sure if I like this green on the Cheveaux-legere.

Just realized these guys need a touch of Army Painter dark tone

Here is a much closer look at Adler vs. Baccus.
Adler on the Left, Baccus on the Right very noticeable this close, but not too bad at gaming distance.
Extra figures, awaiting flags.

This is all my painted Austrian cavalry

On deck, for the next Paint & Chat session I can actually attend.

4 units of Austrian Cavalry

Not sure if I like this green either :(

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