Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Gallery - WW2 eastern european buildings

Gallery - WW2 Eastern European buildings

My current interest is WW2 Eastern front, so I needed some buildings, but being cheap I decided to make my own.

I found some free 1/72nd scale Eastern front buildings by a company called Paper Tiger Armaments. I downloaded them and messed around with them a bit, mounted them on cardboard and they look serviceable. Some came with printed thatch roofs, which detracted from the looks a lot.
The front right and back left are the actual building the other two are ones where I worked on them before printing. I roofed them in white glue soaked towels, the roofs look different colors but they are the same
Barn and collective hall, shingled roofs.
 I also tried my hand at scratch building out of cork tiles.
The thatched roof on the right is white glue soaked fake fur.


  1. I tired going to the Paper Tiger Armament website and they no longer have the eastern european buildings. Any chance that you could upload the files here or possibly send them to me?

    1. Unfortunately no, he offers them free for a month, thereafter he adds them for sale.