Monday, 30 January 2012

Soviet Maxim machine gun team

Soviet Maxim machine gun team

When I checked my mailbox today, I saw a package had arrived.

I opened it up and found these therein:
boxes a bit crushed, but contets fine.

I was suprised to find they are snap together,I'll glue em anyway.

I have a box of Plastic Soldier Company's Soviet Heavy Weapons, but the machine gun pose looks funny, a guy sitting behind the gun, and no loader, the Italeri(ESCI) set has a loader, but he is loading from the wrong side.

The Zvezda figs are expensive @ $3 per team, but as they will be my last Soviet Infantry purchase (except maybe some HAT Soviet Tank riders) for a long time I felt like splurging.

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  1. You should get the russian recon also they are cool figs.actually all these art of tactic figs are neat...for the price.