Monday, 23 January 2012

WIP- Build up to Hotlead

Build up to Hotlead 2012

My friend Greg has again offered to run a game at Hotlead! 2012, this year and like last year it will be Late war WW2 eastern front. We pool our stuff, Greg supplies most of the infantry, some of the vehicles and a bit of terrain, I supply some infantry, many vehicles and much of the terrain.

This year I am hoping to improve the look of my terrain, it is currently more functionality over visual appeal.

The thing I like best is my hills, they could look more realistic but they are sturdy and transportable.

My trees look OK, but I still need a more appealing way to delineate the wooded areas. Currently debating between these three methods.
Green craft foam cut outs with dark green and brown splodges painted on.
green felt cutouts
Green towels cut outs, may add some paint to break up uniformity of colour.    
I am currently leaning to the towel option, If I can find more in a similar shade.

I was preparing to make some stream sections, but I saw on TMP that HOTZ ARTWORKS has a felt airbrushed stream option, and since I was planning on making mine out of felt or craft foam, I bought $20 worth of their 3" wide option (11' should be enough) to see how it looks.

The Soviets weren't big on paved roads, so I need dirt roads, I made them out of felt, acrylic caulking, and dry brushing.
Here's a drybrushed section in use
A lot of my German vehicles need decals, the Armourfast, Plastic Soldier Company, Pegasus Hobbies and Italeri fast build model kits don't come with any, fortunately Warhammer Historical has a decal sheet specifically for 1/72 it has 1200+ (it claims) decals, which means I can finally decalize my Nazi stuff.

All I need now is a bridge that is suitable for the eastern front.
Do Russian bridges look markedly different that their western counter parts?


  1. I like the towel cut out option for your trees. But whatever option you chose I would definitely paint or flock it to break up the uniformity and maybe look like some dead fall.

    1. I wonder if I would be better with a dark brown towel, and green up the edges and mottle the interior with greens, light browns and other colours.