Wednesday, 25 January 2012

WIP - Dollar Store House 2

WIP - Dollar Store House 2

Last night I managed to finish putting shingles the roof. I still need to add a ridge cap though.
The red lines are so I can keep the shingles relatively straight.
I did decide on shingle strips, and finished the thing in half an hour, It doesn't look quite as good as the individually placed shingles but it much faster.
This is the other side.

To make the shingle strips I grabbed a Ritz Cracker box from the blue box and marked it into 5mm grid, cut that into 1cm wide strips about 15cm long, then take each strip and with a pair of scissors cut into the strip about 7mm (at least halfway) every 5mm. the shingle strip is complete, almost. to make them appear less uniforn I go along and randomly shorten some shingles on each strip.
Here you can see how I have shortened some of the shingles.

I then glued the strips to the roof, using white glue, do 2 or 3 strips on one side than switch to the other, then switch back to the other side, until the entire roof is covered, and let dry make sure that each strip is offset from the one below it. The shingle strips are not straight they have a bit of an arc to them, the thinner the card you use the less they will arc, one way to adjust for the arcing is to cut the strips into shorter strips (3-5 shingles long), like real roofing shingles.

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  1. Try cutting a small cut on the top as well.Thus when cutting each shingle you do not go all the way to the top as you have done then you just do the same on top to a lesser extent. Thus making the effect of the arc a little less noticable.